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Just the Pegs You Need

You may not need an entirely new set of pegs. One or two replacement pegs might be all that is required.
Or perhaps you want to overhaul the look and feel of your instrument's pegbox. We can match the look of existing pegs or create the pegs that you've always wanted.
The process is simple:


Contact Us

Write us a request for a quote on the peg or pegs you would like to create or recreate--don't forget to upload an image for us to refer to!

Let's Talk

Once we understand your needs, we will send a quote for the production of your order as well as a plan for the proposed pegs (priced at €5).  Confirm that our plans are what you want...

Get Your Pegs!

...and we will start work on your peg(s). When we're finished, you will receive a final payment request from us.